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5 de mayo de 2011

7 Facebook Don’ts That People Do Anyway

Facebook can bring you hours of news, resourceful information and laughs galore.  There are those of you however, who need to wear a string around your finger to remind you of the don’ts on the popular social networking site.  Just because you’re given a forum in which to express yourself doesn’t mean you have to abuse the power. Can I get an “Amen?”

Just like everything else, there are some rules and regulations that you’ll need to follow while you’re on Facebook, take a look-see:

Don’t Forget To Post A Profile Picture Of Yourself

So even your chin has tripled over the years, or you might be in dire need of a few kegs of botox, or you’ve morphed into a Ma or Pa Kettle toothless lookalike, no matter what’s the excuse you’ll need to pick a pic, get it airbrushed, then download it onto your Facebook page pronto.  By not putting up a profile pic of yourself you’re automatically deemed a ‘fright’ by default!

Don’t Nag

I’m sure you’ll get a few boo-hoos from a handful of friends when you ask them to support your trichotillomania cause.  But please know, that for the most part, people don’t want you flooding their inboxes with ’causes.’  Understand, far too many people are just indifferent and your trying to rekindle some facet of empathy is a ‘lost cause!’

Don’t Be A Promiscuous Friender

In other words, don’t be a Facebook whore!  Just picture yourself getting a ‘friend’ request from someone who you don’t, or barely know.  How many times have you pinched your nose, closed your eyes, winced, then hit that ’allow’ button to let that unwelcomed person into your arena of friends?  Horrible feeling, isn’t it?  So why inflict that kind of pain and discomfort on someone else!  Besides, why would you want a gaggle of intruders hogging up your news feed?

Don’t Invite Folks To An Event If They’re Out-Of-Towners

Why would you bother to send out invites for folks to see you toot your horn at the local dive on the very same day of the gig, if they live in Alaska and you live in Vermont?

Don’t Post Anything That You’ll Live To Regret

Totally avoid posting pictures or status updates that will live in infamy.  Words to live by…if you can’t write something with a Sharpie then don’t write it, the same concept applies to Facebook.  Get your common-sense filter into gear before you post anything that can come back and kick you right in the butt.  And word to the wise…don’t even think about drunk posting, knock yourself out with some contraption before you do.

Don’t Post Boring Status Updates

Who cares that your cat Tabitha died five years ago and you still put flowers on her grave once a month.  Why would you profess your undying love all over your Facebook page for a guy you dated only twice, ten years ago, who drop-kicked you to the curb?
Do you really think your ‘friends’ need to know every single detail about those monthly festering cystic pimples that you get on your face with every menstrual cycle?

Don’t Humiliate Any Of Your Friends

Don’t post a picture of your cousin Fred who is all hugged up with your co-worker Jenyne, when he has a wife at home, who is your Facebook friend!  Think twice about possibly getting a ‘friend’ fired, divorced or even excommunicated!  Friends, don’t get friends into hot water!
Are you guilty of committing any of these don’ts?

fuente: http://www.allfacebook.com/facebook-donts-2011-05

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