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19 de mayo de 2011

10 incredibly useful Facebook search tips and tools for PR pros

Time is a valuable resource. So, let me put this post in context, quickly.

Facebook = important.

How people use it = important.

Tips and tools to do that = useful.

Here are 10 Facebook resources for PR pros:

1. Greplin.com. This social search engine enables you to search by keyword and by platform channel. For example, search “COMMS corner” on Facebook and any mentions will pop up in the search results. This is very handy for both planning and measurement purposes.

2. 48ers.com. This is similar to Greplin in that it delivers results by social channel (includes Facebook, Twitter, Buzz, Digg and Delicious).

3. Samepoint.com. This is another option worth considering, because it includes all the major social networks and attempts to provide you with some sentient analysis. It’s not perfect, but it is handy.

4. Bing.com/social.
Bing Social Search is one of the only ways you can thoroughly access Facebook data. The shared links option is also a great way to see what is hot in real time.

5. Digitalinspiration.com/tools/facebook-search.html.
This site enables you to search for vanity Facebook URLs to see if they are available or not. Very useful!

6. Youropenbook.org.
Originally intended to expose how easily your status updates can be accessed, this site is actually a great tool for marketers and communicators, too. Type your keyword, choose to split by males and females, and you'll get some handy results.

7. Kurrently.com.
I used this one before I discovered Greplin. It's OK, but now I have a new favorite.

8. ArchivedBook.com. This is more of a personal tool than a professional one, but it is still useful. The site provides your complete wall comment history in chronological order (and your friends' historical data, too).

9. FacePinch.com.
This is a real-time Facebook search engine that provides insights into trending topics, popular likes, and more.

10. Folowen.com. A handy tool that’s not only for Facebook, but also for all the major social networks. It enables you to search for the properties relating to a specific person or organization.

There are are couple of other search engines tools that aren't specifically Facebook-related resources, but do help reduce the noise out there.

One option is blekko.comwatch the video explaining it if only for a giggle—which will have you saying the word “slashtags” a lot. The site does have merit and is potentially a worthy alternative to Google for narrowing search results by preference.

The other search engine is Joongel.com, which can break down a search by nearly every channel or platform you can imagine. It's a little on the ugly side, but worth keeping in your toolbox.

Fuente: http://www.prdaily.com/Main/Articles/10_incredibly_useful_Facebook_search_tips_and_tool_7494.aspx

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